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This page contains various resources that we hope you will find useful. Please note, some of these link to third part sites that we do not have control over.


Herbal Medicine


General resources

American Botanical Council
The Herbarium 

Southwest School of Botanical Medicine 
Historical use of Herbal Medicine​ 

Graduate course

Heartwood Education Professional Course 

Betonica School of Herbal Medicine 

Lincoln College

Short courses
Heartwood Education Foundation Course

Betonica Home Herbalist Course

Scottish School of Herbal Medicine 

Learning Herbs

Membership organisations and accreditation

National Institute of Medical Herbalists 

The College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy

European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association

Arvigo® Maya Abdominal Therapy


Official site

The Arvigo® techniques of Maya abdominal therapy


Arvigo-related resources
Maya massage: a healing practise every woman should know (Huffington Post)
The benefits of vaginal steaming (The Guardian)
Benefits of castor oil packs for fibroids, endometriosis & abdominal scarring
Haramaki  Japanese body warmer for abdominal organs
How to wear a faja 
Vagina dispatches – an exploration of vaginas by (The Guardian)
Lymphatic breast massage 

Natural Solutions series

Natural Solutions for teenage period pain
Natural Solutions for managing menopause
Natural Solutions for postnatal depression
Natural Solutions for hay fever
Natural Solutions for digestive troubles
Natural Solutions for cholesterol

Brunch Club​


Brunch Club is launched!
Brunch Club – Joints & Bones
Brunch Club – Digestive system
Brunch Club – Cardiovascular

Please note that the Brunch Club is not currently running.



Flu proof you and your family this winter
Sugar addiction – how natural compounds in plants can help you beat the cravings
Recipe for natural probiotic – water kefir



Cochrane Review: Preventing diabetes with exercise & eating 
Health Benefits of Physical Activity: The Evidence
Keeping fit and healthy with a baby



Our blog about how to feed your digestive system
The China Study: the most comprehensive study of nutrition every conducted
Healthy Vegetarian Recipes
Probiotic & prebiotic foods for a healthy gut
Our wonderful vagus nerve
The Fairy Food Mother
 – lovely self-help & recipe ideas



Different kinds of sperm
The great sperm race (video)
Taking charge of your fertility – charting your fertility resource


Natural solutions – natural hormones that have been shown to help – without the side effects of HRT
Menopause & business – tips on how to run your own business through the perimenopause

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